Dr. AFib – What are stages of AFib?

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  What are stages of AFib? Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation refers to the beginning stages of arrhythmia, the second stage is persistent atrial fibrillation, the last stage is known as permanent atrial fibrillation. In this video segment, I discuss what are … Continued

Dr. AFib – What is your risk of stroke?

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What is your risk of stroke? Atrial fibrillation AFib, or AF, the most common abnormality of the heart’s rhythm. The atria contract in a rapid and disorganized way. As a result, the atria do not effectively pump blood into the … Continued

Why did I get AFib? (AFib Symptoms and Signs)

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What AFib symptoms and signs are for developing it? Atrial fibrillation can affect adults of any age, but it is more common as people get older. This video describes the known risk factors, signs and symptoms. In this video segment, … Continued

What Is Atrial Fibrillation?

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My name is Dr. Percy Francisco Morales. I’m a board certified cardiologist and electrophysiologist living in Houston, Texas. Many people call me Dr. AFib. Why? I have a special interest in treating people with cardiac arrhythmias, in particular, atrial fibrillation … Continued