Tips For Living WithAFib – Manage Your Stress

Excess stress can contribute to triggering an AFib episode.If you are already living with AFib, reducing stress leads to better coping with it. That being said, skim through these ideas about reducing your stress and ultimately taming your AFib episodes … Continued

Can AFib Go Away?

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Every behavior begins with a thought. According to the way you think about your AFib, those thoughts can cause stress in your body and your heart.Can AFib go away?Medical science has not yet figured out exactly what causes AFib, only … Continued

AFib and Coronary Artery Disease

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In This Video, I am Going to Discuss AFib and Coronary Artery Disease   Ask a question at “AFib Fridays” on my Facebook page at Join our channel by subscribing here. If you have enjoyed our video, please like … Continued

Why did I create Dr AFib?

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  Why did I create Dr AFib? It can affect adults of any age, but it is more common as people get older. Atrial fibrillation is not a life-threatening heart rhythm problem, but it increases chances of stroke by five-fold. AF-related … Continued