Choosing AFib Catheter Ablation

Choosing AFib Catheter Ablation

Are you an impatient patient? Do you expect your AFibto be “fixed”only using modern medicine?Expecting that your AFib can be fixed ONLY by surgery may hold you back from enjoying your best health.Your health is not “once and done.” It’s an ongoing process to work with. It is important to be active and pro-active in your health decisions.There are questions to ask yourself before you decide whether or not to undergo AFib catheter ablation.

Don’t Have a Surgical Procedure Done Just to Make Your Life More Convenient

Many people live in a high stress environment. Conditioned to work too much, they may have inadvertently developed the belief that taking care of their AFib is merely a health care “inconvenience” to be dealt with.If you believe you can completely “fix” your atrial fibrillationonly with AFib catheter ablation, that may not be completely true. Also, your main goal for an ablation procedure should NOT be to simply come off of blood thinners, your risk of stroke always need to be addressed even after an ablation procedure.

Now that you have been diagnosed with AFib, continuing to work in a high stress environment while doing nothing to reduce your stress, can be an unhealthy way to live. Instead, DOING something physical AND mentally to reduce your stress is a more reasonable approach to having the best health.

Though it’s true medical technology has come very far, it’s still important to recognize the importance of taking an active role in your health.I recommend you do not take your health for granted.You are ultimately the one responsible for doing things to better live with atrial fibrillation. Lifestyle and risk factor modifications are an important feature of treating atrial fibrillation.

In today’s patient environment, serious heart procedures may seem to just be routine. Though it’s true a lot of heart damage can be surgically repaired by going through the groin and using a catheter, surgery is still a serious decision to make. I caution you as a heart patient to see any surgical procedure for what it is.It has inherent risks, including serious ones that can lead to death. Although a catheter ablation can help many patients with atrial fibrillation, every procedure has a level of risk that needs to be discussed with your doctor.

Many patients may have conditioned themselves to believe that because many heart repairs are now often relatively non-invasive, that surgery is trivial and nonlife-threatening. However, that is just not true. Surgical procedures like AFib catheter ablation still needs to be seriously researched before deciding to do it. Look at all your research and the pros and cons to doing it. THEN, make your decision after including your loved ones in on the discussion before choosing AFib catheter ablation to manage your atrial fibrillation.

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