Living With AFib

Living With AFib

Do you want more control over your AFib? If so, you may be a goal-oriented person deeply interested in living with AFib. If you are a driven person, you may especially be interested in some tips to get you the greatest return on your investment in life!

Living WithAFib Tips

  1. Become an AFib detective. Consult with your doctor about the things you can and cannot do,now that you are living with AFib. Focus and take notice of when you can or cannot do these things. Does your ability or inability to do things change when you get up in the morning, at night, when the weather changes the barometric pressure, when you lose your temper, or when you eat certain foods? Become aware of how things are changing or have changed compared with just 6 months ago. You and your doctor are on the same team. However, your doctor isn’t a mind reader. That’s why it’s important to keep your doctor in the loop regarding the changes you notice.

  2. Keep an AFib journal. When it comes to changes in your AFib, keeping an AFib journal might be helpful. Writing as often as is necessary in a journal helps you become very aware of any changes in your condition.

  3. Tell your care team even things you think only insignificantly affect your AFib. Your cardiac care team can better help you manage your treatment by knowing EVERYTHING, even what you think is small stuff, about your AFib. For example, are you experiencing anxiety about your condition?If so, you may be limiting certain activities fearing doing those activities might trigger an AFibepisode or make your condition worse. This is an example of what to tell your cardiology care team. After all, the more they know about what’s happening in your life regarding AFib management, the better they can help reduce or eliminate fear and/or anxiety about it for you.

  4. Don’t get caught up in the fear of missing out on something. Patients with AFib, can convince themselves they now have to stop enjoying life so much.They might develop a habit called the fear of missing out. This fear can cause them to try and continue to try to keep doing what they always could do before they were experiencing AFib symptoms. Don’t let social pressure trigger within you the fear of missing out. Simply focus on working with and living with AFib to the best of your ability.

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