Living With AFib Long Term

Living With AFib Long Term

Your health picture constantly changes. Nothing stays the same forever. In fact, not one second passes with your physical health going unchanged. People living with AFib long term can better cope with their “new normal” of an irregular heartbeat by seeing the situation as a challenge to be conquered rather than an inconvenience about which to complain.

What has happened now that you’ve been diagnosed with AFib is that your relationship with health changed. Those changes probably started happening silently, invisibly and maybe without palpable physical symptoms.You were consciously unaware of AFib taking hold until the first time you noticed your heart skipping a beat. After being seen and diagnosed medically, the truth is, AFib is now your “new normal” way of life. Unfortunately, until a true cure is found, the non-AFib life you used to live no longer exists.

Luckily, that does not mean a happy life stopped existing. Instead, it means you are living according to a new health plateau.

Living With AFib Long Term – Inconvenience or Challenge to Conquer?

By accepting and working with your new health plateau or, your “new normal” health picture, you can condition yourself to improve your life quality. Those living with AFib long term might be looking for solutions to live with AFib or complaining about it.Complaining about it might trigger an AFib episode due to stress. Working with and accepting it might actually reduce your stress. Reduced stress can mean less AFib event triggering.

As each person’s health picture changes, and that includes even the healthiest of people experiencing the natural process of aging, your body adapts to those changes. Adapting mentally to changes may be different than condoning or liking the change. Adapting in this case just means working with what is.

When you look in the mirror each day, you probably don’t think about your internal cells and organs as living machines. However, just for a moment, think about your body like it’s a car.

Similarly, to any machine with moving parts, eventually things wear out.In an automobile, you change the lifeblood of it, the oil, and you extend its life.However, even by changing the oil, eventually other parts in the car will wear out. That’s because no one can stop change. Such is the state of your physical body.

As your body ages each day, living with AFib long term typically continues and causes increased AFib symptoms. Those new symptoms again change your health picture to a “new normal” state of affairs. Complaining about your AFib or looking at it as a challenge to be conquered can make all the difference in how well you cope with it. What will your focus be about your health condition?

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