Tips For Living With AFib – Manage Your Stress

Tips For Living With AFib - Manage Your Stress

Excess stress can contribute to triggering an AFib episode.If you are already living with AFib, reducing stress leads to better coping with it. That being said, skim through these ideas about reducing your stress and ultimately taming your AFib episodes since AFib can’t yet be cured:

  1. Stay in contact with your physician. Regularly reporting any changes in the number or intensity of AFib episodes you experience helps your medical team better know how to provide the right care for you. If something is especially stressful in your life, changes in medication might be appropriate. Ask your doctor.

  2. Limit stress triggers. Is something causing unnecessary stress in your life?Is there anything you can do to eliminate those triggers?If so, take control. Biofeedback or other stress management techniques provide non-drug ways to help you feel better.

  3. Work on your “before bedtime” habits. Are you getting enough continuous sleep? If not, tell your doctor. Poor sleep habits can affect your stress as well as atrial fibrillation. Some medications can interrupt sleep. This puts stress on your body and mind. Talk with your doctor, as appropriate, about how you can calmly prepare your body for sleep at night. What are you doing to calm your body before bed? Have you thought about this before? Are you taking a calming bath? Setting limits on when to stop eating for the day? Choosing to engage in calming activities before bed? Think about what you are doing to signal to your body that it will soon be time to sleep. Then, take charge of your routine. Living with AFib can be done by changing habits.

  4. Exercise within your realistic abilities. When you exercise, you do a lot of good for your body. Exercise might be something as simple as getting up from sitting, extending your arms several times while walking. You could start out just doing this in your home in the living room for 60 seconds three times a day. If it doesn’t trigger an AFib episode, it might be what your system needs to manage stress better. Living with AFib can be a lot of little things you do by thinking through what might work. If you’re unsure about what is safest and for your good health, ask your doctor.

  5. Drink enough water. Becoming dehydratedcanstress out your body. Drinking enough water through the day reduces stress on your body and can reduce the intensity of AFib for you.

  6. Regularly take meditative moments. There is a program called Freegal Music ( Offered for free through many libraries, once weekly you can download 5 audio recordings. Consider downloading “white noise” recordings such as forest sounds or ocean waves to play at night. It can create a relaxing environment that supports natural stress management for people with AFib.

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