AFib and Fitness Tracker App Possibilities

AFIb and Fitness Tracker App Possibilities

When it comes to taking control of your AFib, there are many things you can do. For example, if you have a smart device, you might consider getting a fitness tracker app or smart watch to keep tabs on your heart rate. Who would have ever thought you could use a technologically advanced, mobile telephone to monitor your heart rate?

Many people are already doing it using these apps and smart watches. Are you thinking about doing that? If so, today’s blog post may interest you very much.

Fitness Tracker App or Medical Device?

Fitbit, a popular fitness tracker app device monitors your heart rate. Interestingly, people with AFib are using fitness tracker apps of various brands to compile weekly charts of their heart rates. This can be especially useful during exercise. Using these devices, people are more aware about what’s going on inside with their heart.

Do you already have one of these apps? Remember that with anything new, there is a learning curve. So, if you are struggling to get the statistics you desire for your heart rate, remember to contact customer service of the brand you’ve chosen to buy. If you can’t quickly get through to them, look for online discussion forums.

There are a lot of people using these devices and many of them also have AFib. So, check out what they are experiencing. It may give you insights and feedback for your own AFib experience.

Also, remember that a fitness tracker app is NOT a medical device. Fitbit warns that while the compiled fitness tracker appstats might be interesting to your physician, no one should rely on this general data to make life and death medical decisions.

Now, compare a fitness tracker app to a medical device that collects information about your heart. You can use a mobile medical device and email collected stats about your heart right to your doctor. He or she can use it to perhaps make medical decisions for you.

For example, Kardia by AliveCor works with the FDA-cleared Kardia Mobile. This smart device app is the most clinically-validated mobile EKG solution currently available. With this device, you can take a medical grade EKG in 30-seconds. The results reveal normal or abnormal heart rhythms including detecting if atrial fibrillation is present. Isn’t that fantastic?

As you know, an AFib episode can happen anytime and anywhere. Depending upon the degree of AFib you have, using a smart device could save your life. Want more information on whether a fitness track app or an FDA approved medical heartrate device is right for you? Ask your cardiologist or other medical professional caring for you.

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