What Do I Need to Know After AFib Diagnosis?

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Transcript: Thank you for visiting Dr. AFib, I’m Dr. Morales. In today’s video segment I wanted to make this specifically for people who have been recently diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. If your loved one has been recently diagnosed with atrial … Continued

Can I exercise with AFib?

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Transcript: Thank you for visiting this video segment of Dr. AFib, I’m Dr. Morales. Today we’re going to talking about Exercise with AFib. In my last video segment, I talked about obesity and weight loss and how weight loss is … Continued

Choosing AFib Catheter Ablation

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Are you an impatient patient? Do you expect your AFibto be “fixed”only using modern medicine?Expecting that your AFib can be fixed ONLY by surgery may hold you back from enjoying your best health.Your health is not “once and done.” It’s … Continued

Atrial Fibrillation And Stroke – New Smart Phone App Detects AFib

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The professional medical journal Circulationrecently published some exciting results of a study concerning atrial fibrillation and stroke help. This new study involves using a mobile phone app that detects AFib.Isn’t that interesting? The field of using smart phones or smart … Continued

Living With AFib Long Term

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Your health picture constantly changes. Nothing stays the same forever. In fact, not one second passes with your physical health going unchanged. People living with AFib long term can better cope with their “new normal” of an irregular heartbeat by … Continued