Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

Your heart is an amazing organ empowered and operated by blood, natural chemistry, biological design and other scientifically proven factors. Your heart beats rhythmically using its natural electricity.If your health profile changes and creates anomalies such as AFib, you then need treatment for atrial fibrillation. Once treated, your heart issues can be managed in a way that supports better health.

Imagine comparing the electricity network that runs through your home with your body’s electrical system. Regarding your home, a trained and fully qualified electrician physically connected wires and other electrical components in your home’selectricity network.He or she created the electrical network in your home according to scientific laws of how electricity works.By following those building codes and laws, the electrician sets everything up correctly so you could plug in appliances and devices that run on electricity. When working properly, this electrical network powersevery electrical deviceso it runs consistently, smoothly and in a rhythmic, orderly fashion.

But let’s say that after years of using the cool but unique Tiffany lamp you inherited from your Aunt Gertrude, the lamp stops consistently working.You take the lamp to an electrician.Upon closer examination, the electrician discovers a broken wire.The broken wire is causing the lamp to flicker and inconsistently function appropriately.Because you want to keep using the lamp, you pay to have it rewired.In essence, you’ve provided treatment for your lamp so it can work correctly again.

Now compare getting treatment for your lamp with getting treatment for atrial fibrillation.When your heart starts to skip beats and irregularly function, your heart needs medical attention to restore your heart’s natural rhythm.

An unnatural AFib heart rhythm might start out being short and infrequent. However, over time, the irregular heart rhythm occurs more often and last longer.This is something to pay attention to because it may be time for a doctor to prescribe a treatment for you.

Can you relate to this experience?Think back to the first time you noticed your heart skipping a beat.Is it occurring more often? Are the episodes lasting longer? If so, being prepared about what to do next begins with treatment for atrial fibrillation.

Medical Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

Medical treatments are designed to help you feel better and prevent more complicated future heart problems such as stroke and heart failure.The three main atrial fibrillation treatments your doctor may prescribe would be remedies to:

  1. Normalize your heart rate.

  2. Control your heart’s rhythm.

  3. Prevent stroke.

Typically, a doctor may prescribe different solutions for keeping your heart beating in a healthy way for you.These actions include:

  • Medications which may include blood thinners for stroke risk reduction

  • Electrical cardioversion

  • Catheter ablation

  • AV Node ablation

  • Surgical ablation procedure

If your heart seems to be skipping beats too often, it’s probably time to visit your doctor.At that visit, ask him or her to explain further any of the information in this blog post.Or, join my Facebook page.