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How To Reverse Atrial Fibrillation Naturally

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Can Atrial Fibrillation Be Reversed Naturally?

Is it really possible for AFib to be reversed naturally? For many newly diagnosed patients, this is one of the first questions they ask me during our initial appointments.

Living with atrial fibrillation and its sudden heart-racing episodes can affect every aspect of your life. Sometimes, symptoms are so bad that you may need to urgently visit the doctor’s office or the emergency room — an event that causes a lot of stress and anxiety.

In this article, I want to share the benefits of natural treatment options, showing you how you can make significant improvements to your current AFib symptoms by making important lifestyle modifications. As an exclusive bonus, I also want to share an essential educational download that I created to get you started on a healthier life after being diagnosed with AFib.

If you want to learn how to reverse AFiB naturally, this article is for you — so let’s get into it!

Can AFib be reversed with diet? Find out more with this video.

Traditional Treatment Options for AFib

After getting diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, the majority of patients are started on a treatment plan consisting of medications and monitoring. In many cases, these options are very effective, though many patients commonly experience symptoms despite sticking to their treatment regimen. In addition, some patients experience side effects from common AFib medications.

Traditionally, the most common treatment options discussed with a newly diagnosed AFib patient are:

  • Medications — This is the most common first-level treatment option for managing atrial fibrillation. Cardiac medications that are designed to slow and control a person’s heart rate are commonly used to reduce AFib symptoms (though they do not cure or reverse the condition). Beta-blockers are the most commonly used first line medical therapy for AFib patients.

  • AFib Procedures — In more severe cases, AFib procedures like a catheter ablation, cardioversion, or pacemaker may be recommended for controlling AFib. While the success rates of these procedures are relatively high, it is important to know that they are not a guaranteed solution for the condition. In addition, not everyone is an ideal candidate for an AFib procedure.

  • Life-long monitoring — Regular heart rate monitoring by healthcare professionals or in the home setting is a common theme for patients with AFib. While it is helpful to keep a detailed record of your heart health, many patients find this aspect of their treatment plan to be tedious and time-consuming.

Can You Treat AFib with Natural Health Supplements?

When many people think of natural treatment options for a health condition, they start looking for over-the-counter natural health supplements and vitamins that they “should” be taking. But as it turns out, none of these products are proven to give any significant benefit for improving AFib symptoms.

Based on current research, there are no health supplements that successfully reverse the symptoms of atrial fibrillation. From OMEGA-3 fish oil recommendations to the ever-trendy magnesium supplements for cardiac health, none of these products have proven, long-term success at managing and reducing AFib symptoms.

So, if taking health supplements is not the best way to take a natural approach to managing AFib, what other options are available and more effective?

How to Reverse AFib Naturally — Lifestyle Modifications and Commitment

As it turns out, committing to healthy habit changes is the key to long-term success for naturally managing your AFib symptoms. It is the most studied and proven method to reverse AFib naturally.

It may not be glamorous or fast, but research shows convincing evidence that natural treatment options can significantly improve a person’s atrial fibrillation symptoms. Better yet, when these natural treatment options are paired with consistent lifestyle modifications, you can:

Lifestyle Modifications That Positively Impact AFib Symptoms

My patients are often surprised by the types of lifestyle changes that actually have a positive impact on their health. While sometimes feeling too obvious or too small, many healthy habits do not need to be massive changes to have a significant impact, they just require commitment.

If you are looking for a few lifestyle changes that you can make to significantly improve your AFib symptoms, I recommend exploring the following options:

  • Avoiding stimulants — Chemicals like caffeine, chocolate, and energy drinks are incredibly common in the modern Western diet. Offering a “boost of energy,” regularly consuming high doses of these stimulants can cause an increase in your heart rate, something that all AFib patients will want to avoid. Many patients notice improvements to their AFib by cutting back on their consumption of stimulants on a day-to-day basis.

  • Adjusting your diet — The foods we eat play a significant role in our overall health. When I work with my patients, I encourage them to incorporate vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins into their diet, while avoiding options that are high in trans fats and added sugar. Even small changes to your diet can go a long way, so finding healthier alternatives to snacks and meals is a great place to start.

  • Staying hydrated (and avoiding alcohol) — Drinking plenty of water is essential for preventing dehydration and physiological stress. Additionally, cutting back on the amount of alcohol that you consume has proven to have a significantly positive effect on AFib symptoms over time.

  • Getting active — Are you getting enough exercise every day? Participating in low-impact exercises like walking, gardening, or yoga is a great way to improve your cardiac health without overdoing it. In addition, regular exercise can have a significant benefit for stress management, which a lot of my patients tell me stress affects their AFib. You don’t need to be hitting the gym or going for super long runs to get the benefits of exercise — go slow and keep your heart safe while doing low-intensity options!

Why I Teach My Patients about Natural Treatment Options for AFib

In my personal experience, the healthcare system is not teaching patients about the importance of natural treatment options for managing their AFib symptoms — let alone teaching patients how to safely implement these changes.

Making lifestyle changes is no easy task. Without a clear guide for support, many patients set out to make healthy changes but get stuck and quickly fall back into familiar and comfortable habits.

So, with this in mind, I started to build a systematic guide specifically created to provide a clear-cut process to naturally reverse their symptoms of atrial fibrillation.

And right away, I started to see powerful results:

  • My patients started to notice a significant improvement in their symptoms — results that their previous routine of traditional medications was not able to achieve

  • Patients who had been living with AFib for years (and even some who had undergone ablation procedures for symptoms management) started to notice positive changes in their overall health and wellness

  • My patients reported fewer emergency room visits due to sudden AFib attacks, helping my patients reduce their daily stress about their condition

  • My patients began to feel more confident in their overall health and were better able to keep up with friends, family, and their hobbies

The Best Way to Reverse AFib Naturally

Ready to make the commitment to reversing your AFib symptoms naturally?

As a way for me to share my knowledge and help with my patients and followers, I created the step-by-step online program to improve atrial fibrillation naturally, The Take Control Over AFib Program.

Everything needed to improve atrial fibrillation naturally, as quickly as possible, is here in this program.

Find out more about the Take Control Over AFib Program here.

Find out more about the Take Control Over AFib Program with this video.



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