Can AFib Go Away?

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Can AFib Go Away?

Every behavior begins with a thought. According to the way you think about your AFib, those thoughts can cause stress in your body and your heart.Can AFib go away?Medical science has not yet figured out exactly what causes AFib, only common risk factors for developing AFib.So, for now, AFib cannot permanently go away. But, you can do things to work with AFib to cope better with it.One thing you can do is to adopt an optimistic attitude about a cure someday being found for AFib.By having hope that a cure can be found, you’ll find living with atrial fibrillation easier.

Have you ever been in the situation of being coached?I think all of us have.So, in today’s blog post, think of me as your heart coach. I’m here to suggest some simple ideas about how to work through the disappointment you may feel about having been diagnosed with AFib.

Can AFib Go Away Using Optimism?

Each of us at some time in his or her life has been stressed to the max. However, thinking back to that massively stressed moment and the fact that you are still living now confirms that you somehow pushed yourself beyond the stress.In other words, you optimistically found a way to get through the stress. The same can be true about your AFib.

At times when you feel very stressed out, a simple thing you can do is to sit down, relax and think about something that causes you to feel happy.I know being optimistic may seem like the last thing you want to do when you simply want the AFib to stop.However, by thinking optimistically, I believe you can improve your quality of life.

Patients that ask me, “Can AFib go away?” want solutions to the problem. I cannot explain all the reasons people get AFib, only the most common risk factors for developing AFib.I do know that globally, medical professionals regularly look for new solutions to the problem of irregular heartbeats.

You do have free will. By choosing to think optimistically, you are doing something to improve your quality of life. Believe that you are finding a way to make things better.Believing that things can be better as you live with AFib is an optimistic way to look at your heart’s health condition.So, thinking optimistically might just temporarily make AFib be less present though still a part of your health picture.

Though it is true optimism cannot make your AFib suddenly and permanently disappear, it can help you experience the least, worst case scenario regarding your cardiovascular health.Why?Research shows that happy people are more likely to engage in healthy activities.When you engage in activities such as exercise, meditation, living as a non-smoker, eating nutrition-rich foods, etc., you do improve your life.

Optimism is something you can learn to incorporate in your life.When it comes to AFib and living with it, it just might be a natural and powerful ally to improving your heart health.

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